Website Marketing and Buzzword BINGO!!!, is a really creative company that produces print products such as business cards and postcards. I just ordered more business cards from them (they call them greetings for meetings) made with 100% recycled and recyclable paper. I love them and highly recommend them to all clients and friends. They have some great resources and ideas for small businesses.

Every Moo business card order comes in a recycled brown box with a “Buzzword Bingo” card. It has 12 terms such as “face time”, “mission critical”, “paradigm shift”, “blue sky”, “synergistic”, and the high scoring magic word…”monetize!”

According to Moo, the idea is to take the card to your next meeting and tick off each buzzword as you hear it. When the magic “monetize!” word is heard, shout “awesome!” and high-five your closest colleague or client.

If, by chance, none of these words are mentioned, Moo says to please accept their hearty congratulations.

“It sounds like the company you’ve worked for is all about blue sky thinking—which is a real paradigm shift…” I’m pretty sure Dilbert plays Buzzword Bingo, too.

Hilarious video, but a little PG-13:

How not to be hated on Facebook

Since I’ve been blogging a little about social networking, following is a great article by Claire Suddath of That Viral Thing on Time Entertainment about Facebook. You will laugh and probably go right to your Facebook profile to delete that quiz about your favorite breakfast cereals…

How not to be hated on Facebook by Claire Suddath.
The article refers to this video by posted on YouTube. Enjoy!