How to Create a Social Media Strategy is such a great resource. This “60 Second Solution” by Mikal E. Belicove gives me so much to consider when planning my social media content strategy.

From Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest to Google+ and beyond, managing social media for your business can be overwhelming. But having and sticking to a social media content strategy can help keep you focused, organized and on target when communicating with customers.

Entrepreneur writer Mikal Belicove says there are four critical elements to creating a strategy for your business:

1. Set your positioning. Who are you? What do you do? Why does it matter? Why are you better?

2. Identify your target audience.

3. Create personas for your customers so you have a better idea of what they do and what they need.

4. Determine which social networks are the best platforms for your business.

How not to be hated on Facebook

Since I’ve been blogging a little about social networking, following is a great article by Claire Suddath of That Viral Thing on Time Entertainment about Facebook. You will laugh and probably go right to your Facebook profile to delete that quiz about your favorite breakfast cereals…

How not to be hated on Facebook by Claire Suddath.
The article refers to this video by posted on YouTube. Enjoy!