Mountain Webs

“I’ll use a different auto mechanic.
I’ll go to another dentist.
But, I will never stray from Mountain Webs. You are golden!”

Isn’t that the best recommendation ever? I received it when I was designing websites for my business, Mountain Webs. The client ran a bed and breakfast and I loved redesigning their website and helping them learn WordPress to make blog additions on their own. We specialized in creating WordPress websites for small business. And offered beautiful, expertly customized WordPress themes, website maintenance and logo design to small business owners who expected a well-built, extendable website and brand. I loved being the owner of Mountain Webs, serving that niche and sometimes miss it. (Shhh…we may be returning soon!)

I learned sometimes it takes more than one person with a specific skill set to complete an entire web design project. In the past, I’ve used many resources that specialize in fields that are not one of my strengths: copywriting, illustration or complicated coding. It’s amazing how using people expertly trained in the fields you need can help make your broader vision or project come to life so much better than trying to do it all yourself.

P.S. Yes, that is me climbing in the photo. I love to trad climb although don’t do it as often as I used to because there are no mountains to climb in Michigan. Mountain Webs…trad climbing…get it?

Following are people I have worked with or know personally extremely well and admire their work.

Born in Atlanta, raised in Roswell, I’ve been writing professionally for 20 years. First as a journalist, later as a script and copywriter for networks, agencies, big corporate clients and small businesses. Nothing makes me happier than helping my clients succeed. I do this by listening to their stories, understanding their brand, products, services, and clients. Then I craft the most compelling content possible. But great copy is nothing without great web design, so I’m especially happy to be partnering with my good friend from Roswell High School, Stacy Jo. We’ve worked well together since Yearbook staff, and here we are, still doing what we do, older and wiser.

Joyce Bone, CEO of Bone Up On Business turns ideas into cash. She helps accelerate individual and cultural growth an inspirational speaker on mindset, motivation, and leadership for corporations, associations, nonprofits, and events. As a coach and consultant Joyce works with female business owners (and enlightened men) with revenues under a million desiring to accelerate profitability. Joyce knows about that having grown two businesses into multi-million dollar ventures each under two years.

At age 28, as a stay at home mom, she took a $10,000 risk and co-founded EarthCare, an environmental company. It grew into a $125 million dollar NASDAQ traded powerhouse. As a nationally recognized expert in business, Joyce has appeared on CNBC’s The Squawk Box, and in Money, Kiplinger magazines, been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, SBA national SCORE and dozens of others.

Her book, “Millionaire Moms-The Art of Raising a Business and a Family at the Same Time” was written to encourage and support entrepreneurial women. She shares best practices from the 100 millionaire moms she interviewed for the book. Joyce gave me great public speaking advice before I spoke at the 2017 Grand Rapids WordCamp. I used to be comfortable performing for very large audiences years ago. Joyce gave me ways to reclaim the ability to communicate effectively with people in a friendly way, especially in business.

  • Logo Luxe
Sometimes I don’t have as much time as I’d like for branding projects. If that’s the case, I recommend Logo Luxe. They are true professionals in their craft and offer 16 years of professional design experience. This includes skill and knowledge of a variety of printing processes, marketing, branding, color psychology, typography, male, female, and neutral branding. Clientele consists of people and businesses from around the world. From high-end realtors, fashion designers, interior designers, jewelry designers, celebrities, luxury home retailers, financial investors, start-ups, highly skilled photographers, and architects. Truly obsessed with creating distinct high impact brands. His work has been noted as perfectly simple, classic, sophisticated, timeless, modern, fresh, bold, high-end, and genius. Really, he’s the best.