Celebrating the awesomeness of Wapuu Wednesday. What/who is Wapuu? According to many, wapuu is the greatest thing to happen to WordPress since the GPL. He is a fun, happy little character that was originally created to be the mascot for the Japanese WordPress community but has since gone global. You can visit The Unofficial Wapuu…Continue reading #WapuuWednesday

Stock Photos

These stock photo companies offer huge selections of images for your WordPress website or blog, from Free to Premium subscriptions. Offering unbelievable images superior to the rest, some with a feminine touch. Social Squares Shutterstock Adobe Stock photos SC Stock Shop Kate Max Stock Rosemary Watson at Creative Market Miss Modern Shop at Creative Market…Continue reading Stock Photos

WordPress Theme Ideas

The following designers offer beautiful WordPress themes that I have used and recommend. There are many more themes out there and when they’ve passed my tests I’ll add them to the list. Bluchic Hello You Designs-Beautiful themes, here’s an example on a Client’s Site 17th Avenue Designs Elegant Themes Pretty Darn Cute Designs-Lindsey has great…Continue reading WordPress Theme Ideas

Start Here

Begin Let’s customize a WordPress theme. Purchase a domain name Buy hosting for your domain. We recommend SiteGround and  WP-Engine, if you are serious about speed and SEO. Connect your domain name and hosting. Ask your hosting company for the Name Servers or DNS for your site. Insert the given Name Servers info into your domain…Continue reading Start Here

So Many Books

So many books, so little time. –Frank Zappa An eclectic list of books you might like. I’m not an affiliate with Amazon and don’t make any money if you choose to buy these books from the links. These links are here just to make it easy for you to preview the books and see if…Continue reading So Many Books

Tunes to Inspire

Fun Playlists For Your Blogging Following are diverse playlists to inspire you while you write your new WordPress blog posts. You can’t put all Wonderful Moms into one category so I’ve included a little of everything. They were created in Google Play and I’m looking into YouTube and other platforms. Wake up!: Music I subject my…Continue reading Tunes to Inspire