Mountain Webs

“I’ll use a different auto mechanic. I’ll go to another dentist. But, I will never stray from Mountain Webs. You are golden!” Isn’t that the best recommendation ever? I received it when I was designing websites for my business, Mountain Webs. The client ran a bed and breakfast and I loved redesigning their website and…Continue reading Mountain Webs

Everything is a Choice

Once upon a time there was a senior in high school… A good student with lots of school achievements, I was awarded a scholarship to Auburn University and sent on my way. Originally, I considered majoring in clinical psychology and eventually getting my masters degree. I looked at the situation and believed I should not…Continue reading Everything is a Choice

7 Apps You’ll Love

You can do it! Why? Because you are a Wonderful Mom. In addition to the WordPress plug-ins I have talked about in the blog (see Plug-ins: The WordPress Box of Chocolates), I have a few apps for daily life I’d like to share with you. My phone is my personal assistant. Here are seven phone…Continue reading 7 Apps You’ll Love

Wonderful Moms favorite books

7 Books You’ll Love

So many books, so little time. –Frank Zappa An eclectic list of books you might like. I’m not an affiliate with Amazon and don’t make any money if you choose to buy these books from the links. These links are here just to make it easy for you to preview the books and see if…Continue reading 7 Books You’ll Love

Remote Work

Work from home: The truth. There is no truth. That is the truth. There are, however, patterns. Similarities across experience. There are far better and much worse ways to go about things. There is luck. A recent poll I saw said 70% of Americans want to work from home. With so much commerce moving to…Continue reading Remote Work