Internet Superhero

A powerful article by Guest Blogger: Jason Gorbett When my family was threatened I had to go dark on the internet – all on my own. Before I found a security expert, I had no idea who could be looking back through the cameras at me. Or worse, my girls. I love to share what…Continue reading Internet Superhero

Be a Secret Agent

Ah, tweens. I feel like my boys are on the computer 24/7. All 3 use computers provided by us or our school system, depending on which age guy we are talking about, extensively for classes. In addition almost all parent-teacher communication  is done online. “Schoology” and “Family Access” are the two most used that cover…Continue reading Be a Secret Agent

Girls and the Internet

Even though I have three sons and no daughters, I still like to encourage all girls to follow any pursuit they choose. The following people have tremendous insights on recruiting, training, and retaining diverse girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and building a STEM ecosystem for girls. Check them out. Maybe there is a resource…Continue reading Girls and the Internet