Tunes to Inspire

Fun Playlists For Your Blogging

Following are diverse playlists to inspire you while you write your new WordPress blog posts. You can’t put all Wonderful Moms into one category so I’ve included a little of everything. They were created in Google Play and I’m looking into YouTube and other platforms.

Wake up!: Music I subject my tween to on the way to school in the morning. There are 2 E rated songs in this list-not a huge deal for us. I would do this to my other sons but they are fortunate enough to be able to drive themselves.

Audioslave and friends: Unfortunately, many of these amazingly talented artists have passed away but I will always love their music, skill and creativity.

New Country: Contemporary country choices. With so many great ones, I’m going to make a New Country #2. If you’re not a country music fan, give it a shot. The new country sound won me over and you might enjoy them, too.

Kitchen Sink: A very random mix of old and new with a laid back feel. The choices do not make sense but I like them. Again, you can’t put all Wonderful Moms into a single group and this list shows that.

Rap: NEVER, EVER, EVER listen to this with your kids around. Inspired music but not Wonderful Mom friendly because every single song is E rated. Nevertheless, if you like rap, these are great.

Classical: Sorry, they’ve proven the “The Mozart Effect” will not make our children better at math or more intelligent. However, exposing them to diverse forms of art and fostering an appreciation of Yo-Yo Ma to Jean-Michel Basquiat will surely give them the pleasure of discovering their favorites.

Stevie Wonder: One of my all time loves, so he gets a playlist of his own. I’ll add Donny Hathaway, Alecia Keyes, Amy Winehouse and Justin Timberlake to mix it up later.